Art Requirements

Minimum specifications are required to achieve good print results. Please follow the instruction below.

Adobe Illustrator -our preferred file format. Create outlines for fonts. Save as .AI (any version up to CS5).
Files must be is .eps, .ai or .psd format.
Corel Draw-covert text to paths. Save as .ai file.
Adobe Photoshop-should be used only for photographic images, not good for type or logos. But great for our Direct Garment Printing.
High Resolution and 100% true to size at 300 dpi.
Must be vector art.
Set your artwork in spot colors using the Pantone Solid Coated palette.
Delete all colors from your swatches that aren't used in the image. Only spot colors should remain.
Make all strokes at least 1 point. Anything under may not print.
Outline all fonts. Do not send fonts with vectored artwork.
Outline all paths.
Provide separate artwork for each location. One for the front and one for the back.
Please label files clearly. Example. ChicagoBulls_Front.

Non-Acceptable file formats:

All images saved off a website.
Any MS office files
    Word, Excel, Publisher, PowerPoint, etc
Files created in Quark
Low Resolution Images
Do not scan an image into an illustrator and assume it is a vector file.
Doing this does not make the file a vector image.

Our knowledgeable art department can handle all of your graphic needs. If you do not have camera ready art our art department will be happy to create an image or logo for you.

Please email all artwork to

or you can upload your artwork here