Compressed Tees

Yes we can compress your custom t-shirt! This is a very creative way to promote your brand or group. The best part is they ship in the mail as is so there is no additional packaging required. We can compress any t-shirt to any shape or logo you desire. Clients are always amazed once they realize that there's a t-shirt inside the compressed package. Call us for a quote.

1) Direct mail campaign!
(the shirt will ship "as is")
2) Add a coupon!
(bring customers back)
3) Trade show giveaways!
(in a tiny 3-D package)
4) Brand your product!
(we can create any shape)
5) Promote your message!
(all in one package)
6) Products Launch!
(wear the shirt as the ticket in)
7) Attract sponsors!
(nothing better than the real thing)
8) Sell for profit!
(and include a sticker)