Screen Printing

Screen Printing is the most visual marketing display in the textile industry! With our partner companies we combine for over 27 years of experience printing high quality images and logos on many different wearable and specialty items. With our state of the art automatic and manual presses we have the capability to promptly deliver orders of any size. Whether you are a small business or an athletic sports team, looking for quality at a bargain price, look for further. Sharp Bargains is quality oriented and would love the opportunity to work with your organization.

High Volume
Low Minimums
Up to 7 Colors in screen imprinting
Up to 6 Colors in nylon imprinting
Decorating Trends
Heat Transfers
20,000 print capacity per day
Color Matching
Consultation Services to make your brand Sharp.
Drop Shipping Available
Our partner/sister companies who work hand in hand with us combine for over 27 years of experience!
State of the art manual and automatic presses.
We have the capability to quickly deliver orders of any size.

Screen Printing Basics:

Specialty Inks and Applications

  • Dazzle cloth
  • Mesh jerseys
  • Puff ink
  • Metallic Ink
  • Porthole mesh
  • Nylon track jerseys
  • Coveralls
  • Smear print
  • Lycra print
  • Towels
  • Imprint on pocket or hats
  • Foil print
  • Sublimated printing
  • Reflective Ink
  • Glow in the dark Ink
  • Oversized Leg
  • Waterbase Ink
  • Discharge Ink
  • Rear Imprint
  • Muff Pocket
  • Split font

Image Sizes


Front or Back 12x12
Left Chest 4x4
Sleeve 3” wide x 14” long

Front or back 9x9
Left Chest 3x3
Youth XS/Infant 5x5
Various Sizes

Hat 2x3.5
Pocket 3.5x3
Rear Imprint 2x10
Oversized 14.5 x 14.5


  • Heat applied names
  • Heat applied vertical names on sleeve
  • Heat applied 3” vertical name on sleeve
  • Heat applied  3” height name
  • Heat applied metallic name

  • Oversized screens (14.5” x 14.5”  imprint area)
  • Process or glitter screens (12” x 12” imprint area)
  • PMS ink – C Chip (coated) color match
  • Custom graphics and designs

Number Imprinting

Water-based & Plastisol Ink

There are two fundamental types of ink for printing, water-based and discharge ink. Waterbase inks are applied on light colored garments. It produces a "soft hand" feel and utilizes dyes or pigments in suspension with waster as the solvent. Soft hand feel is where the ink film cannot be easily felt when you run your hand across the garment. The color has a matte finish. The evaporation of the water is necessary for the ink to set in and cure. That's the way water-based inks work so there is no gloss. The curing works in a temperature controlled room possibly with the assistance of a dryer.

Plastisol ink is a polyvinyl chloride based and contains no solvent. Plastisol is a thermoplastic ink that is required to heat the printed ink layer to a high temperature to form the molecules of PVC resin to cure.

Plastisol and water-based inks are very trendy and popular but both are used in different applications. Water-based ink is appropriate for printing yard goods. Plastisol is appropriate for printing t-shirts, tote bags, jackets, and sweatshirts.

Discharge Ink:

Discharge is a specialty ink used in screen printing. It has a very soft hand feel. Unlike Plastisol you cannot feel the layer of ink when you run your hand across the fabric. Darker color fabrics work well with discharge ink. In addition this ink allows the shirts fabric to be seen.


Specialty Plastisols:

Glitter Ink:
Large sparkling fakes of a single color in a clear base.

Ink with metal powder in it, normally gold or silver used to give a shiny appearance.

This ink gives a raised effect to the artwork.

Foil ink gives garments a metallic look. Its best apply with water based inks.

Glow Ink
It's exactly what it sounds like. Glow ink will make your apparel glow in the dark.

Dazzle Cloth:
Dazzle fabric is a type of polyester fabric that is used in making athletic uniforms and some casual clothing because it absorbs moisture quickly. It's a light weight material that allows air to circulate allowing for a comfortable feel.

Standard Plastisol Colors

Important Notes: These color samples are meant as a reference only. Computer monitors vary greatly in the way colors are displayed.

PMS color matching is available at an additional charge.